Our Client Bill of Rights

you have a right to professionalism

Our work will be completed on schedule, we will be on time for meetings, and we will always come to meetings prepared. We understand that you are busy and will never waste your time with disorganized or unproductive meetings.

you have a right to honesty

We will provide honest assessment and feedback for the task at hand and best-practice recommendations that are in your project’s best interest. While decisions and outcomes are always a client’s responsibility, we will always respect your budget and your project by advising when your team’s choices may not yield the results you need… even if that advice means a smaller scope of work for us.

you have a right to clear communication and cost transparency

Our client onboarding process includes a clear scope of work, specific deliverables, timelines, transparent cost information, and no surprises. If the scope of a project changes, you will be informed of —and asked to approve— any additional costs before they are incurred. Your invoice will always include detailed information about the tasks, time, and costs.

we’re cooperative

Firebrand is a worker-owned cooperative because we believe everyone deserves a voice and a seat at the table. It also defines how we work… true cooperation brings about the most effective collaboration and the strongest results.