Our Services


project management

Have a scope of work that needs project management help, ASAP? Firebrand can provide a virtual PM who can jump into your project and get it on track to meet your deadline or target. As skilled project managers, our brains are wired for no-nonsense, results-oriented, ‘getting stuff done’ processes. Firebrand will work with your team to understand your goals, set realistic timeframes to accomplish them, identify resources needed, anticipate and strategize how to overcome obstacles, and then help you build systems of accountability to accomplish your goals on schedule, with everyone doing their part.

brand identity

logo identity package

Your logo is your face to the world and arguably the foundation of your branding and marketing efforts. Beginning with the Creative Brief, we’ll outline key aspects of who your organization is, and who it envisions becoming. Once your team has alignment on the key points, that information will feed the design process. Melanie will develop logo options to present to your team, and together we’ll work toward the solution that best captures the essence of your organization — in a simple, dynamic logo suitable for use across all types of media. The package includes finalized logo in a full range of file types, essential print collateral pieces, and a brand guidelines document to ensure consistency and professionalism wherever your marketing takes you. Our easy-to-understand white paper Identity Matters sheds light on why this is vital to your organization.

identity refresh

This product is geared towards groups that have an existing identity that no longer meets the needs of the organization. Are you looking to reach a new audience? Has your organization evolved into something more comprehensive? Are you competing for awareness or buy-in, and do your materials need a more professional look? These are just a few of the reasons an identity refresh may be in order. It begins with the Creative Brief and building your team’s alignment on the vision and goals, which will inform the design process. The refresh package can be a simple ‘baby step’ improvement over your current identity or a much bigger shift. Either way, the end result will be a fresh clean face to your organization and a renewed sense of excitement about your future.

retail identity roll out

Primarily geared towards food co-ops in Stage 3 or already-open stores that need an improved shopper experience, Firebrand takes your current identity and brings it forward into an effective retail version of itself. The deliverables go far beyond a logo update: it will become the foundation for an entire suite of store signage, sales flyers, colors, templates, and marketing pieces. This is where the co-op vision that your community has been rallying around becomes an exciting brick-and-mortar experience — make sure that experience is as dynamic and shopper-centric as it can be. Melanie and the Firebrand team will work with your GM and marketing staff (if available) to develop your store’s own unique vibe and personality. You only get one shot at a good first impression, so Firebrand works with your team to develop an in-store visual experience to set you apart from all those other grocery stores.

training and facilitation

leadership retreats

Do you feel like your meetings are ineffective, with plenty of talking but nothing really getting done? Do you want to ensure your leadership is focusing on the right things at this stage in your co-op’s development? Firebrand can help. We’ll customize and facilitate a board retreat for your team that will address the needs and challenges your team is facing now, plus work with your board to develop the skills, plans, and timelines to achieve the goals you set. Ongoing project management support is also available to help everyone be accountable and stay on track with your plans.