Kaye Kirsch

For over two decades, Kaye has built startups and nonprofits around the globe, serving in project management or operational roles with both new and established companies in the tech, cooperative, and nonprofit sectors.

Kaye is a co-founder of HealthStore Foundation which provides healthcare in East Africa through an innovative micro-franchise model and has served on their board for over 25 years. For five years, she served as Operations Director of a community health care center in India and has also served as a board member and chair on several ag-focused boards including the ND Organic Advisory Group, and Northern Plains Sustainable Agricultural Society.

In the cooperative industry, she has assembled and led teams working on feasibility assessment, store design, and operational programming planning for startup food co-ops and managed business turnaround plans at existing cooperatives. Kaye has direct experience as a project manager for a startup co-op throughout their development phase and has also served as an Interim General Manager with two newly opened co-ops.