When the owners of Zdi Inc. developed a revolutionary conference room solution, they came to us with their vision. They had a revolutionary idea, they had tech giant Cisco waiting in the wings to distribute it, and they had companies clamoring for it. What they didn’t have was a name, logo, messaging strategy, or any marketing materials to push this new product out into the world.

Working with the Zdi team to understand this new product better, we developed a range of name options, with a strong recommendation for the name Zdi ultimately approved. We then developed the logo and necessary collateral, along with 3D room renders so prospective clients could better understand this new approach to AV. Our solution for this brand had to be extremely flexible: the future would bring launches of software, hardware, and custom apps which would all get their own sub-brands under the RoomReady umbrella.

Within four years of RoomReady’s launch, the product went from a concept in Normal Illinois to a global name with installs across the U.S. and in Dubai, London, and Dublin with more going in every month. Our marketing support expanded to include updated sales materials, storefronts, app user interfaces, and a growing assortment of patented technology products that enhance the RoomReady technology. Our packaging design for their trademark wall mount system was the recipient of a GD USA American Graphic Design award.

Reflecting the successful global growth of the brand, Zdi Inc. officially changed their company name to RoomReady.